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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Review of NBC's "The Book of Daniel"

This is the very first review of anything that I have ever attempted, except for maybe book reports that I did back in high school; that was over thirty years ago. This type of writing is new to me and I’m not quite sure how to go about it.

Needless to say, the show made quite a splash, didn’t it?

According to the Baptist Press on Jan.6th the producer of the show is a homosexual ex-Catholic. The writer of the article doesn’t state how they know this to be true, but I figured as much just from watching the show. By the light manner in which The Book of Daniel handles the subject it is obvious that somebody at the top, like the producers, directors or the writers, are either extremely sympathetic to the homosexual lifestyle or they are homosexual’s themselves. I don’t know if I would have guessed the ex-Catholic part, but there is enough anti-Catholic stereotypes there to make it a good bet. Mainly I’m thinking of the Italian, Mafia connected Roman Catholic Priest, that Father Daniel runs to for help whenever there is a question of criminal activity or a lone shark is needed.
But homosexuality is not the only conservative Christian taboo that the show flaunts in face of the viewer. There are so many it is hard to remember them all. We have a whole variety to pick from: teenage sexual exploration, unwed couples experimenting with co-habitation and fornication, using illicit drugs, drug dealing, internet piracy, an Episcopal Pastor desecrating his marriage to a wife afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease and having an affair with another high ranking member of the Episcopal clergy, lesbianism, drug addiction, church board members stealing from the church coffer, racial prejudice, ménage a’ trios and I’ve probably forgotten a few since Friday night. It just seems to me like these people did everything they could think of to offend just about everyone on the planet that isn’t a sexually and Spiritually dysfunctional ultra-liberal. They really went out of their way to challenge norms and to tic people off.

That said, I don’t think it was unentertaining.
The cast is excellent and the acting superb, given the material with which they have to work. I liked the relationship between the Jesus character and Daniel, even though I feel that it too was handled a little too lightly. I appreciated the fact that Daniel had an open dialogue with Jesus even though I don’t recall any of the conversations occurring during prayer. I missed Daniel’s sermon at the top of the show, but I suspect that that was probably a nose-thumb at the establishment as well.

If this show would have aired in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s I would have loved every minute of it. That was when I was a drug takin’, drug sellin', hell raisin’, anti-establishment, promiscuous, greedy, spoiled brat. That life put me on a path that eventually lead to brokenness, misery and imprisonment.

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Blogger ALi said...

I dont anything about the book of Daniel but found it interesting and make's me want to learn more.
What I do like at end of this is how you have been honest about yourself not many people would of told of their rebilous day's like you have.
I really admire a truthful person like you are.
And how you have turned your life around and are now helping other's learn from the mistake's you made in the past.
May God alway's bless and be by your side like you are now touching and helping the live's of other's.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Aslan said...

Thank you Ali. Your comments are always so positive and encouraging.
I have often thought of deleting this review, for one because NBC pulled "The Book of Daniel" after about a 4 week run or so. And second because of that little confession at the end there which you found refreshing.
I've often thought that people today simply cannot relate to the world of the 60's, everything is so different now.
Actually in terms of young people using drugs in many ways it is much worse today. The drugs predominantly abused today are much harder and much more dangerous
that is not to say that any are safe.
But people today for the most part cannot relate to the social unrest in the States during the latter years of Viet Nam and the Civil Rights movement.
Thank you for understanding and accepting honesty and openness instead of condemning it.
Blessings Aslan

11:33 AM  
Blogger ALi said...

Your right Aslan the use of drugs now is alot worse & their are kid's on the streets as young as age 10 in some cases younger dealing & taking drugs.
I do know drugs were used alot in the 60s but I also know that people are abusing drugs which has taken the violence & crime rate up tremendously in most countries as of today.
Sorry this post is suppose to be about Daniel.
But I do admire your honesty.

2:45 PM  

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