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Saturday, August 25, 2007


God, gave us our life,
and our path to choose.
By our choices each day,
we either live or lose.

Isaac and Ishmael,
of the same paternal line;
Emanations of different mothers,
yet both sons of the Divine.

It seems our present conflicts,
find their origins here.
For both men fathered nations,
founded in jealousy and fear.

We worship the same God,
at least that’s what we claim.
And our tribes trace their source,
to the iconoclast, Abraham.

From our faithful Father,
should we not take our lead,
And shatter our idols,
of mistrust and greed?

For the ancient war continues,
and we are all at fault.
Intolerance and hate have chained us,
to a final, fatal result

Our teachers tell us to,
“Love God and one another,
As we would do for ourselves,
Let us do for our brother."

Let our kind not die,
bearing the Mark of Cain!
Let us forgive and bless and,
break this age-old chain!

The choices we make,
determine the lives we lead.
Let us forget the past,
and from its curse, be freed.

We are together on Earth,
for so short a time.
God made us all different,
His Will …….. Sublime!
J.A. Stratemeyer
( January, 2002: four months after 9/11)
*Illustration at the top left of poem
by 19th century Master, Gustav Dore',
depicting Biblical account of Rebecca & Jacob
deceiving Isaac
in order to steal Esau's paternal blessing.
Genesis 27:1-41

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