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Friday, October 19, 2007

Many families from around our nation feel the same

I just thought I should publish this because AmericanFlier is designed to be a public forum for review and commentary for all who wish to participate.
Yesterday a new member of another blog, in which I am a rather new member myself, spoke of his disappointment because a large agricultural company that had employed many members of his immigrant family, just up and pulled out of an area where they been for generations. They had been there so long they had become a local & family tradition. In the spirit of commiseration I wrote him this.
Many families from around our nation feel the same traditional emptiness as yours does my friend. Business is run by money, not tradition & most of them simply don't care what happens to communities after they close shop and go some place else (some do but the majority do not). Here we had several employers that were community traditions: Western Electric, Cross & Blackwell, General Motors, Bell telephone, Bethlehem Steel! & the Beta Shoe Company which closed up lock stock and barrel and left the people who had worked for them for decades with nothing. Although I would bet that the executives who ran these companies did okay for themselves. Sometimes it even happens on the whim of an owner or CEO. The Baltimore Colts snuck out of the city one night with no prior notice whatsoever, and the Brooklyn Dodgers just simply left N.Y. and these were teams the had huge followings and fanatic fans, with sold out season tickets every year and they were making money! And the list goes on. Even the Federal, state & local governments occasionally act with the same thoughtlessness for employees and communities that have served them for a lifetime. And I have my suspicions that it is going to get worse before it gets better
Whether it is right or wrong I am not wise enough to say, but that's Capitalism. I feel your pain, I have experienced that emptiness and that butchering of self-esteem and community pride by the loss of employment and community tradition. Welcome to ... maybe this will be a good place for you to vent?
May the God of Heaven and Earth bless all of you,
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