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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Buildings and Monuments and Neighborhoods

The Buildings, Monuments and Neighborhoods
are the biographies and Diaries of a city.
And the residents are the authors.
I sit in the twilight of a new Dawn
And watch the skeleton of a new edifice rise from the old city streets
The Floors, columns, girders and beams made of thinner concrete
and even thinner steel than in my day.
It seems like these "disposable buildings" are not built to last.
Use them for twenty years then throw them away and build a new one.
When I grew up I knew men who had suits more than twenty years old
and they lived to see them come back in style.
Such suits were still of a better quality than the ones made today.
I'm not saying all that was made before is better than now,
but there is a sense of the strength and permanency
in the hearts of the people that is reflected in the things
which they build with their hands and
in the way they use and care for them.
This why I say the people authors
and the buildings the biographies